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Post 4: At Long Last

Man oh man. It's been quite a journey: learning how to configure mic's, learning where to find music, learning how to splice it in, learning how to upload to iTunes - the list goes on.  

As you can tell, it's been a lot of learning. Even beyond the simple logistical learning (which has been the most difficult) or the content learning (which has been the most fascinating), we've been able to learn a lot about how we work together (which is the most fun): a solid structure for research, a good flow for discussion, a balance between informative info and unrelated tangent - it's all been way more fun than either of us expected, and we had pretty high expectations to begin with. 

That learning is pretty evident though, as you listen through the first episode: the volume is a little quiet, the music flows pretty well but we already have ideas for adjustments, and we certainly created our fair share of awkward transitions. 

But all those reflections on Episode 1 bring up one important, fundamental, and incredibly exciting point: PB With J's Episode 1 is officially released and available on Apple Podcasts. 

That's right. You can now find out humble podcast project under the "Science and Medicine" portion of Apple Podcasts. Be on the lookout every Monday morning for new episodes. For now, check us out. Listen. Subscribe. Rate. And of course, most of all, learn and enjoy. 

We've had a blast putting it all together - we hope that shines through and you likewise enjoy listening. And as always, thanks for sticking with us. 


~The Guys with PB With J's

Joseph Ramsey