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Post 3: Spring is in the Air

After the official season change (March 20th, for those who didn't know) Spring Break is now upon us here at Tulane - Jacob is currently living it up in my hometown (Memphis, for those who don't know) preparing to watch some fantastic basketball. To say I'm jealous is an understatement - and things are happening with PB With J's. 

We've recorded our second episode (editing underway) and are using the bit of extra time to prep for a large string of recordings when we get back. Once we have a bit of a stash, we'll start officially releasing to iTunes. So, after a lot of work and time, be on the lookout in the coming weeks!

Or just go listen to the raw audio Episode 1 on repeat if you get bored waiting...

But! Since that's still a few weeks away and Mail Chimp has yet to inform us what service policy we violated (it's officially been ten weeks...starting to lose a bit of hope), we wanted to use the blog space as a Psuedo-Newsletter and give a top five of Neuro Articles we've read over the last few weeks. There's some pretty neat stuff going on, and this site does a pretty good job of packaging it. Here's some of our favorites from the week:

  1. We're basically all superheroes - Our Power? Serotonin
  2. Closer and closer to straight up Growing a Brain...
  3. On the topic of "brain growing," Computation Analyses (so we could venture into some Sci-Fi A.I. Applicaitons here) is always developing.
  4. Some pertinent political crossover with the exploration of Intellectual Humility.
  5. And finally, the brain is always surprising us. This time, it's Pleasure Circuity.

Hope it's a fun ride through a bit of the exciting neuroscientific world - always amazing stuff out there to discover. 


~The Guys from PB With J's

Joseph Ramsey