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Post 2: Oh Boy...

Well, we did it. We made an episode. 

We're official everyone! It's pretty crazy and really fun actually. Like surprisingly fun, and I had been looking forward to it for months to begin with. Despite how nervous both of us were, we trudged through and produced something that's maybe halfway worth listening to... 


But no, in all seriousness, we had a great time getting to record together, laughing and joking, figuring out a bit of rhythm and flow, and working through some of those bad speech habits is actually way more fun than you'd think. We're pumped for the next couple of recordings, now that we've got our feet under us a bit. Once we get a few "stashed away" we'll start releasing on iTunes, so watch out!

In other news, we also recently recruited another friend of ours to do some specialized media marketing, helping us get the word and product out there for the world to see. Anyone who knows me knows I don't belong in this century with technology and Jacob has an Insta for the sole purpose of watching basketball highlights. So you could say we needed some help.

We'll introduce Noah more formally on the site, but for now we're definitely excited to have him on the team. 

And finally, if you're one of the two people including myself who reads this and you've made it this far, check out the raw audio from our first episode, recorded and uploaded here: We'll be editing and adding some music intro/outro, but here's what we got! (


As always, thanks for the ceaseless support. 

The guys from PB With J's


PS. Still not sure why each blog post has a heart to end, but I kinda like it so we'll roll with it...

Joseph Ramsey