Physiology of the Brain with Jacob and Joseph


What's going on in the world of science?

Post 1: So What's Been Goin' On??

Welp. Here we are, February 15th and no episodes have been recorded. Basically looks like we started a Kickstarter Campaign for the purpose of taking people's money. 

Not the best impression, I gotta say. 

But! Things have not stopped here on our end, but they have taken a rather notable pause (as we're sure you've noticed). Starting school certainly complicates things, but we've still been working: we actually even had a Newsletter ready to ship out, but it was immediately returned with a nice message from MailChimp alerting us that our account had been shut down for policy violations. Not sure what happened there, but we're still locked out, So, yeah...there's that.

More importantly, though, as many of you who know us know, Jacob had a relatively serious accident with some neurological implications back in December. Since it's not exactly my place to share and tell too much, suffice it to say that he's doing well and improving daily. That's the thing though - improving daily. He's still on the road to recovery, and that road is the most important thing right now, hands down. 

So PB With J's has taken a back seat, and that's A-Okay. But we didn't want you, our listeners (at this point it doesn't even apply, but we'll go with it) and supporters, to think we had disappeared. We're still here, ready with our mics and research in hand to (attempt to) give you some stellar (or at least half decent) insights into the wondrous world of Neuroscience. 

In the meantime, though, go check out the Facebook Page ( and let this madness whet your neuroscience appetite:

Brains in a dish, for goodness sake. Science is wild.

As always, go ahead and subscribe to our Newsletter (talking with MailChimp now to work it out...) and share us with others. You can find that link here.


And of course, be on the lookout. We're right around the corner. 

~The Guys from PB With J's

(PS Still working on our "Catchphrase outro," suggestions are quite happily welcomed)

Joseph Ramsey