Physiology of the Brain with Jacob and Joseph


Physiology of the Brain With Jacob and Joseph. 


PB With J's started as a joke. 

No, really. In the summer of 2016, just before Joseph Ramsey would head off to study in an exchange program in Argentina, he and his friend Jacob Stephens offhandedly mentioned how fun it would be to do a Podcast together. It wasn't much, but the idea stuck.

Joseph, being a self proclaimed science nerd, kept thinking about the idea in the context of academic science. He loved podcasts and thought producing podcasts with Jacob would be a blast, so he began piecing together the two thoughts: what if there was a Podcast that explored the academic world of biological sciences and presented that world in an approachable and entertaining manner? He had found some science Podcasts before, but even a lover of science like himself got tired in those hour long episodes.

With that, the PB With J's idea was born. Jacob would not only make the podcast much more entertaining than a series of long monologues, but he would provide a crucially important non-scientific background to make sure the true goal of the Podcast - approachable yet thorough explanations in 15-20 minute episodes - would be reached. 

The only thing left was the name. After some thinking, though, and with a mutual love for what is perhaps America's most nostalgic food, the name was born: Physiology of the Brain With Jacob and Joseph. 

PB With J's. 


Meet the Team

Jacob stephens

Jacob is the non-science brain of the group. Specially, he's pursuing a degree in Legal Studies with hopes of one day attending Law School. **Update, Jacob is crushing it and currently attending Law School.**                                      

A Bit About Jacob:

  • Loves food but isn't a foodie

  • Huge Fan of Anything Outdoors

  • Recreational Basketball Prodigy

Want to Contact Jacob? | (222) 222-2222

Joseph Ramsey

Joseph brings the science perspective to the Podcast. He specifically studies Neuroscience with the goal of engaging in Neuroscience research with medical implications in the future. 

A Bit About Joseph:

  • Loves Food and is a Self-Proclaimed Foodie

  • Trapped in the World of Podcasts

  • Has a Love for Spanish Language and Culture

Want to Contact Joseph? | (901) 356-6861